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Influential Readers

The American Journal of Health Promotion brings together all the disciplines of health promotion. Readers include researchers, physicians, corporate and community wellness-program directors - as well as employers, educators and policymakers. Subscribers work in a variety of practice settings, with the largest numbers representing corporate, health care and academic institutions. The Journal also reaches professionals in government, health and fitness and community-based settings.

Impressive Results

Readers turn to the American Journal of Health Promotion to gain access to the very latest original research and newest proven applications, as well as summaries of work drawn from more than forty other publications. A survey of subscribers indicates that nearly 70% of respondents save all issues of the Journal and 44% of respondents share their issues with colleagues. The vast majority (92%) of respondents to the survey reported that they are involved in purchasing decisions regarding health promotion equipment and services; 48% have direct responsibility for authorizing purchases.


...Delivering the Science and the Art of Health Promotion

By combining The American Journal of Health Promotion and The Art of Health Promotion into one publication, we reach both practitioners and scientists.




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Issuance: Bimonthly
Circulation: 1600
Editorial: Original manuscripts only. Featuring Editorials, Original Articles, Review Articles, Selected Abstracts, the Art of Health Promotion


Editor-in-Chief - Michael P. O'Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH

Managing Editor - Kristen Anderson

Advertising Sales - Patti Weber 
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Publisher: Allen Press, Lawrence Kansas

Corporate Office: 
American Journal of Health Promotion
PO Box 1254 Troy, Michigan
Phone: 248-682-0707